Youth Accounts

PCU Kirby Kangaroo® Club

The PCU Kirby Kangaroo® Club is just for kids! It is never too early to educate children about finances. Children 12 and under can benefit from having their very own Kirby Kangaroo savings account.

See account features

  • $5 minimum balance
  • No monthly service fees
  • Get a FREE piggy bank
  • Dividends earned on $10 or higher and paid monthly
  • Earn Kirby Bucks to redeem for prizes
  • Play fun games online and learn all about money

Activities for kids

For a great kids activity, download these fun coloring pages:

Premier coloring pagesCaterpillar coloring page

Download coloring page (PDF)

Piggy bank coloring page

Download coloring page (PDF)

And make sure to visit the PCU Kirby Kangaroo Website online for additional fun games and activities.